I met your dad the other day. He comes into the restaurant I worked at (until two days ago cause I quit). He's a funny guy and so sweet. Told me to say hello to you for him :) I say hello too

We’ll helloooo :)

And that is one unreal story lol
Ahhaha you met my dad :p
Yeah hes a little slow I’m sure you’ve noticed lol he practically killed him self riding a motorcycle a few years ago but he’s still got some mind left :p
And thank youu for the hello ;)

See my mind is growin
Sick of sittin back
It’s time to show em

See im in a different section

Friends not a question
Cuz im changing faster then I set in
What a blessin

Sick of being underhanded
When my loyaltys invested

Never trust a soul.
I had to mention.

They think we cool, well its pretendin Pressure makes dimands So you know we shinin Some times I wonder why I keep tryin These people are fake So we start dividin Destin In a way Youll find suprisin My speach resembles the path were climbin Gunna hit the top when its our timin…


Speakin with a treasure of mind
Keep a distant from these bitches ,
Never worth my time

Gotta stay in line
If I don’t
I might fall behind.
Got a call from the future-
Told me all was fine.

Better sleep divine
Dreams speakin like I might’av died
Space creapin like I fly the sky’s
Sleep teaching
Or is it real life

Figure the rest don’t get it Better grow your sight I’m not the average But I bend alike , artistic matters, mathematical patterns See the picture right Never touched a drug But im as high as a kite

I’m only 19 but my hearts beating harder from the things you don’t see

Secrets locked with no key

Who made the door
Better find your dreams

I’m different from the rest
So I say unique

think I’m stupid till I really speak

I Open eyes
Till its hard to blink

Life’s a lie
Futures in a print
From the past to the present
It was all just linked