I’m only 19 but my hearts beating harder from the things you don’t see

Secrets locked with no key

Who made the door
Better find your dreams

I’m different from the rest
So I say unique

think I’m stupid till I really speak

I Open eyes
Till its hard to blink

Life’s a lie
Futures in a print
From the past to the present
It was all just linked


You just can’t picture this
My imagination is fictionless

First to get it out the people with ..

Simple crew but we kick it on some real ish

Elevated minds no cannabis

Staying on track
and that’s the Last I bet

But our tracks are blest

Barely understand why we walk our steps
Stay cautious with a consciousness
Cuz it’s all a test

Figure the rest ain’t see it yet

We make mistakes seek a punishment

Hard to behave with this government
The futures grim with no settlement
So Run for the hills first testament

Try to fix the past with the last of breath Correct the future with a hand to pick Runnin out if time Only heal me if it’s Heavens wish Free choice make the best of it Words of the mind when they resurrect Stay tune watch the stars when they join alignment”..
Miss you buddy😔